Entry Modes

Purchase a piece of land and self-construct

Due to the permanent land title in Mexico, it would be better for investors to purchase a piece of land and build factories according to their own individual needs.

Purchase a piece of land and entrust constructing

Take advantage of developer’s constructing experience and lower cost, to purchase a piece of land and entrust the factories’ constructing to Hofusan.

Rent workshops

To rent standard workshops for the sake of fast developing and low fixed cost at the initial stage of investment.

Purchase after rent

Rent standard workshops first and purchase the rented workshops or a piece of land when the business is developed and expanded.

Entry process

Entry process

One Stop Service

One stop comprehensive solution to help China companies to reduce risk and create value. Permanent post-investment service. Dedicated to improve the agglomeration effect of overseas China companies.

One Stop Service


17:38 October 21(Mexico local time), with a delightful mariachi music,  guests from China and Mexico gathered in SAFI hotel of Monterrey, Nuevo León, to celebrate a simple and warm signing ceremony for Hofusan Industrial Park Project in North America, which was developed by Holley Group, Futong Group and Santos family of Mexico.


After representatives of shareholders signed registration documents of Hofusan Real Estate, S.A.P.I. de C.V., Mr. Wang Licheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, walked to the front desk, and knocked open a Chinese color “piñata” star with a long rod. Candies with good wishes dropped from the “piñata”, and at the same time floated down a Mexico national craft scarf, above which embroidered with "Hofusan Industrial Park".


This unique combination of Sino-Mexican cultural, officially opened a new chapter of the first major industrial park in North America, and even Latin America.